Interactive Virtual Reality experience Symbiosis is an interactive Virtual Reality experience that focuses on an aesthetic and emotional experience. The project translates the idea, that humans can express empathy towards machines, into the virtual world. The parallel world resembles a greenhouse and a kind of museum. The minimalistic spaces are characterized by different scenarios. Each […]

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Future Kitchen – Social Connection

Interface and Interaction Design – A Prototype Of all the rooms in our houses, the kitchen is the center of activity, comfort, energy and creativity. We all know that the world changes quickly, as our environments und habits change. Because of that the kitchen will evolve drastically. More people will move into cities, and our […]

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Your Daily Reminder

Sticker for environmental protection. A collaboration project with Leonie Brill. In university we had the challenge to find a solution „how graphic design can help the environment”. Since Leonie Brill and I had almost the same idea, we started to collaborate and make this project even bigger than others had to do. (Apart from that, Leonie […]

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App Design (UI/UX) Styleguide and Prototype Within the project task “future city” I developed in collaboration with Kim Poltmann and Maria Wallner a concept design and a prototype for our App DroneMe. For 2030 we expect that drones will have a huge impact on our daily life and cities. Imagine drones flying over buildings, transporting […]

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Painting series I am painting since I was very young. My father taught me the basics and I got better from painting to painting.Now it´s more than a hobby, it became part of me and my need to express myself through my brushes gets higher with each work. These paintings are my first series and […]

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