Your Daily Reminder

Sticker for environmental protection.

A collaboration project with Leonie Brill.

In university we had the challenge to find a solution „how graphic design can help the environment”. Since Leonie Brill and I had almost the same idea, we started to collaborate and make this project even bigger than others had to do. (Apart from that, Leonie and I have always been a great team, so we were motivated to give our best and rock that project).

“Your Daily Reminder” (YDR) is a (non-existing) brand that draws attention to costumers to remind them to buy local & seasonal, to not use plastic bags, to not use one-way coffee cups and to not take the expiration date too seriously. Our stickers remind the costumers on their good resolutions to live and consume eco-friendly. The stickers have to be placed directly in the supermarket, the place where people either decide themselves for a eco-friendly purchase or not. In contrast to TV documentations, the news or discussions, YDR is present in the immediate decision situation. That´s why YDR can be so effective.

I have documented our article about YDR, which was published in our course magazine “sustainAble?” below.
I am very sorry for my English readers, unfortunately the article is in German. But if you have any questions about YDR and the project, please feel free to contact me.


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