Interactive Virtual Reality experience

Symbiosis is an interactive Virtual Reality experience that focuses on an aesthetic and emotional experience. The project translates the idea, that humans can express empathy towards machines, into the virtual world.

The parallel world resembles a greenhouse and a kind of museum. The minimalistic spaces are characterized by different scenarios. Each room contains almost identical-looking figures that reveal their identity through their surroundings, poses and movements. The created world seems to be frozen, the scenes look like fossilized. Recipients have the opportunity to influence the scenes and interact with its virtual characters. Different themes and feelings are staged, but the user is not given a specific story. He is invited to interpret his experience freely. The content and themes presented in the scenarios are examples of current world problems, events and specific life stages that each of us is experiencing. They orient themselves to the future and past, as well as to different emotional states.

Ever since Virtual Reality appeared in our digitalized world, most projects, that deal with this technology, can be integrated into areas of the entertainment or industrial sector. Only a few projects specialize in the perception that a virtual world can offer. Symbiosis invites you to immerse yourself in another world, to reflect, to feel and to experience.

The Documentary

Symbiosis at Exhibition 2019:

Symbiosis at Digital Analog Festival 2019:

Symbiosis at Homecoming Event 2019 at LMU Munich:

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