App Design (UI/UX)

Styleguide and Prototype

Within the project task “future city” I developed in collaboration with Kim Poltmann and Maria Wallner a concept design and a prototype for our App DroneMe.

For 2030 we expect that drones will have a huge impact on our daily life and cities. Imagine drones flying over buildings, transporting our packages and take over other tasks. With regard to this scenario, we wanted to find a way to communicate with drones in an easy and uncomplicated way.
We created DroneMe as an interface between the user and the drone. Due to DroneMe it is simple to communicate with your drone and use it as your personal assistant.

Therefore we wanted to establish a simple, modern and elegant UX/ UI Design. The Design had to be timeless and attractive to our target group: people who are interested in technology and a modern, futuristic lifestyle. In order to give you some impressions, I put our style guide underneath. We have documented the whole design to give us and our developers some guidelines.


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